YouTubers I’m Obsessed With


I spent a little too much time on YouTube. Over the bank holiday weekend, I have been catching up on my subscriptions and a few creative minds I just can’t live without. Their videos are entertaining and great to watch on the go,  and they have become the five YouTubers I’m obsessed with.

HeyClaire aka Claire Marshall
Claire is by far my favourite YouTuber. Her channel is a mix of fashion, beauty and vlogs, alongside the occasional food and lifestyle video. The first thing that drew me to Claire’s channel was her phenomenal editing skills. With a lot of subscriptions, I find myself skipping through videos simply because I lose interest. However, when I watch a new HeyClaire video I enjoy every minute. From her New York Fashion Week and everyday life vlogs to the top tips on eyeliner and what beauty buys are worth a try. I also love Claire’s personality, she’s a very relatable person with a hilarious sense of humour which makes her really easy to watch. I adore her cat Bruce, and her incredible creative lifestyle.

Clothes Encounters aka Jenn Im
I discovered Jenn’s channel after spotting her in one of Claire’s videos and falling in love with her sense of style. The fashion videos on the Clothes Encounters channel range from outfits of the week to closet favourites and “what I would wear” tags. Jenn’s fashion choices are a great inspiration and template for creating your own unique wardrobe. I was also really impressed with Jenn’s description of clothing – not usually something most viewers point out. Her voice-overs are clear and descriptive which makes her videos so enjoyable to watch!

LustreLux aka Katy
If I’m ever in need of a new make-up look, this is the channel I head to. Katy’s make-up routines are spotless and incredibly easy to follow. She recommends products that are genuine, and would be beneficial to her viewers, rather than just plugging anything that is offered. I learnt how to blend eyeshadow and create out-of-the-ordinary looks for each day. This channel is great if you’re wanting to experiment with different looks, or even if you prefer to refine the eyeliner skills you have. It may take a while to master the perfect cat-eye Katy has, but with the help of her videos I’m sure I’ll get there.

Shameless Maya aka Maya Washington
Maya’s videos don’t have a set theme, but I had to include her in my life simply because I adore her. She is a very inspiring person, and after watching a few of her videos, you feel motivated to get up and work hard for what you want or where you want to be. Her channel also includes fashion and make-up videos which are great for gaining that extra style stimulation. She has a series called Maya’s World which features vlog-like videos and updates on her life which I love to indulge in!

Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren’s videos have become a favourite of mine after recently subscribing to her channel. I came across Lauren on Twitter and quickly realised how entertaining she is. Her videos always leave me smiling are great to binge on if you’re feeling down and need someone relatable to watch for a few hours. Lauren is very active on social media so you can never miss and update. Her twitter feed is constantly buzzing which is great from an almost-addict like me.