GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Review

This review is coming from someone who know absolutely nothing about primers. I didn’t start wearing foundation until I was around 17 because I was either too lazy or didn’t really need it. But as I grow older, I use it almost everyday just to help my skin look even and smooth. GOSH’s Velvet Touch Foundation Primer is my first ever primer buy and caught my eye simply because I appreciate the brand. GOSH Cosmetics is a brand I have relied on for a while, as they have a marvellous range of products at a high quality for a high street prices. As this was my first primer, I decided it’s better be safe than sorry.

I started using this primer at the beginning of April, and since then I use it every single day. The best way to describe it is ‘velvety’ as the texture is smooth without becoming oily and shiny – the opposite of what I wanted. I apply the primer using my fingers before applying any make-up to help it reach the full potential as the perfect base. The serum fills in any lines and pores I have on my skin, which helps create the flawless look with my foundation. My pores are much more visible just beneath my eyes, so I tend to use a little more primer there. What makes this primer the ideal base is that it doesn’t take away from the colour of my foundation which I know can be common with high street brands. If anything, it enhances my skin tone and helps the foundation and powder blend a lot better. The Velvet Touch isn’t difficult to remove and is perfume and preservative free, making it suitable for most skin types.