Leather Jacket Loving

A basic leather jacket is a must-have and fashion hack all in one. They come in plenty of different colours, styles and sizes but sometimes basic is best. Not everyone is comfortable with real leather, but faux can also be inexpensive and be of high quality. There are many reasons why a leather jacket is a closet essential, for both genders. They’re excellent for layering; especially during this time of year. Leather is generally a thicker and insulating fabric, so they’re key in during this season in the UK, when the weather never really decided what it wants to do. Getting a size that is a little larger can be great for layering and can make a more comfortable fit. Real leather and high quality faux doesn’t stretch, so wearing too many items underneath can be uncomfortable. Buying a larger sizes allows room to move and extra comfort. However, there are cropped leather jackets that are designed for the summertime, buying these in your regular size such ensure for a stylish fit. Leather brings plenty of texture to an outfit which can help the overall look seem more exciting. The fabric contrasts well with many other fabrics, including the more common denim, cotton and jersey. Yet, lace or velvet paired with fabric create a unique look and an interesting blend.


These jackets were designed to look ‘edgy’ and cool, and they still can. Many chose to buy leather jackets because they can be paired with nearly everything, making them one of the best fashion hacks since skinny jeans. Throwing a leather jacket over a more formal dress can create a mix between casual and proper pieces and is an easy ready-to-go look. As leather jackets come in so many colours and styles, you can never have too many. Some chose to buy a brighter colour rather than the standard black or brown to add a pop of colour of their favourite LBD. Styling a leather jacket is trouble-free and always looks effortless.

Jacket – Miss Selfridge