Low Cost Stores to Love


From it’s first UK store opening in 1976, H&M has become a multinational retail success. The Swedish brand is now a world-wide triumph, providing fantastic fashion for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M offered affordable clothing for all ages which is exactly what makes it a commercial success. Rather than spending an unnatural amount of spending money on a real leather jacket from an exclusive high street or even designer store; H&M can offered reasonably prices faux or real leather jackets of the same quality – and in many different styles and colours. H&M is a great place to shop for building a wadrobe. The basic items of clothing are available all year-round in contrast to the seasonal-wear. H&M also collaborates with huge designers and celebrities to give it’s shoppers the best of the high fashion experience. From Beyoncé to Madonna, and Versace and Alexander Wang, H&M are the first to ring in the stylish season.


Primark is known for it’s low prices. Selling lines for both men and women, the shop earned it’s popularity for inexpensive items and enormous ranges. Like H&M, Primark is one of the best places to built a basic wardrobe. Everyday essentials like t-shirts, cardigans, knitted jumpers and t-shirts are featured in their stores all year-round and always at amazing prices. Primark is especially popular amoung the younger generation, as it’s labels are designed for all ages – including their super-popular line, Atmosphere. Primark are also noted for their colossal stores, always having plenty in stock, alongside plenty of queues.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx has become one of my favourite stores. I’m constantly blogging about anything I find in there, as it’s a fanchise full of weird and wonderful things. Avoiding shopping in their city centre stores are incredibly difficult, but I always end up finding something. Founded in 1976, TK or TJ Maxx’s number one priority is selling high labels at low prices. As well is being incredibly active in charity work, TK is full of one-off pieces that can brighten up any closet. It takes real determination and motivation to fish through the hundreds of clothing rails across the county, but finding one item at a reasonable price is worth the adventure.


Originating in Manchester in 2006, boohoo.com has become a casual online fashion destination worldwide. As an online store, they feature a wide range of clothing for guys and girls, both in-season wear to match the trends on the runway but also everday clothing needs and the wardrobe tools to build your own personal style. The great thing about Boohoo.com being an online-only site is the contant new additions to their lines. Everything they have is available 24/7 and it’s my go-to store for online shopping. The excellent delivery service gives boohoo.com the great name today!