Turning Nineteen

FINALLY. I know nineteen isn’t regarded as an big deal, but it’s a birthday so it’s still pretty exciting to me. It means I’m one step closer to being twenty which is absolutely terrifying but extremely intriguing. Turning eighteen was made out to be some extraordinary experience but I was in school and the memory wasn’t that thrilling. However, one year later – my life is completely different. It’s quite different to what I had pictured and planned out, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a spring baby, my first thought was to wear pink as I naturally associate it with the season. Without going overboard, I thought this jumper was the perfect centrepiece for this outfit while remaining simple and youthful. I chose a grey skirt to pull out the grey in the cropped sweater and lighten the overall outfit. Here’s to a being a year older!
Top // Topshop
Skirt // Topshop
Bag // market in Salou
Shoes // Fred Perry