Why I Love Spring

Spring is a season I always associate with joy and happiness, and as it’s almost over, I thought I would reflect and share my favourite things about the season. It’s the sweetest time of year and everything is starting fresh. As much as I love curling up on a winter evening, it’s nice to see the sun when I wake up and take in the fresh greenery I’m surrounded by. Although the weather in the North isn’t always perfect; spring does bring some element of sunshine, plus I’m a spring baby.
Living in Yorkshire means there’s fields at every corner. Where I live in particular, there are plenty of farms which means springtime brings out the most adorable lambs and calves. The sight every morning is heart melting as they roam around, tripping over their own limbs and chasing birds. During the night, the babies make plenty of noise in search for their mothers but it’s not difficult to get used to.

Spring often brings rain storms which I love, when I’m inside. Sitting with a page-turning book while watching the clouds darken the sky and the rain fall is relaxing and enjoyable. The sounds is great to fall asleep and wake-up to and creates the perfect excuse for lighting candles.
I suffer with extreme hay fever that never seems to be under control. During the springtime, I can enjoy the sun and nice weather without falling into a full-on sneeze fit and sporting bright red eyes. Hay fever doesn’t kick in until summer which makes the season ideal for me. Bees don’t usually make an appearance until summer either, which means I can walk around freely without the panic of a tiny buzzing insect. Bees and wasps terrify me, most likely because I have never been stung.

The flowers are in bloom and we being to see colour every where after the basic colours winter brings. Blossoms are such a stunning colour and look magical when falling from the trees and blanketing the ground. The weather during the spring can be quite hit and miss, but it’s great for movie nights and bonfires. It’s an excuse to grab as many blankets as possible and curl up feeling cosy all night long. It’s not too hot and most of the time not too cold. There are often some nice sunny days during April and May and I see spring as the build-up for what summer is about to bring.
What do you love about this season?

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