Exploring Oslo: Day Three

The third day was only a half day as I had to be back at the airport for very early, and I like to be on time. One place I knew I had to visit before I disappeared was the Holmenkollbakken ski jump, a world famous ski hill which has been hosting competitions since 1892. After seeing it so many times on Pinterest and getting a desperate sense of wanderlust, I bought a train ticket and headed right to the top. The reviews were not below expectation as the scenes were absolutely breathtaking. Every place you turned there was a new area of Norway to take in, the country is ridiculously stunning. The ski jump is also a museum which meant I got to learn about the history of the area and competitions held there. I also had a chance to go into the ski jump simulator, it was certainly not worth the high price but all part of the experience. I took an unhealthy amount of photos while up there and couldn’t contain my excitement while looking from the astonishing landmark.
The journey home was a somber one, as I left the bright blue skies or Oslo, I landed under the gloomy glow of ol’ Yorkshire. At least I took 3,000 photos.