Garnier vs Neutrogena – Which is Better?

I’m always looking for ways to help keep my skin clear. It can be quite sensitive, so if I don’t look after it properly, breakouts happen. My diet also affects my skin a lot, but making sure I cleanse and scrub the right way is a must. There are so many different products I’ve tried, and it’s more common for the higher-end, pricier brands sell products that are no better than an average high street label. The two brands I have fallen for are Garnier and Neutrogena, which have become two of my summer favourites.

Garnier Pure Active Daily Energising Face Wash – £3.29

This is one of the first ever face washes I have bought and I absolutely love it. The smell is amazing, but the gel is still great quality. Often you find face washes that have an awesome scent but do absolutely nothing for your skin. I’m obsessed with this wash because the gel is very thick, rather than too thin and runny. The greats a great soapy solution which helps clean any extra make-up from my face.

Garnier Pure Active Daily Energising Scrub – £3.29

I also chose a scrub from the same PureActive range after my success with the wash. I adore the scrub simply because it’s not too harsh on my face, which means my skin won’t react too badly to it. The pomegranate scrub was only bought for £2.00 (on sale) which is the best price for a scrub I’ve come across in a long time.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Facial Wash – £4.89

I do like to shop around for different washes and products to try out, and I’m a sucker for a great scent. This pink grapefruit has become a favourite of mine as it fills the bathroom with a great girly perfume. The facial wash is really gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling incredibly soft without taking away all the moisture which can be quite common. I tend to use this wash more on the weekend ends rather than everyday.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Foaming Wash – £4.99

This wash is on of my favourites as it creates the most amazing soapy mixture and is so soft. The solution is designed to keep stress spots under control and it seems to be doing the trick for me. It helps prevent spots but also gives your skin that fresh and clean feeling that everybody loves. The tap pumps out huge lumps of fluffy foam to apply straight on your skin.

Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Scrub – £3.29

I bought this scrub recently as summer begins to set in and make-up has more of an effect on my skin due to the heat. I wanted to look for something that would really scrub away any impurities without damaging or hurting my skin. I came across this scrub (which was bought on sale for £3.00) and haven’t put it down once. Although I don’t use it every day, I look forward to the great, clean feeling it leaves.

Garnier Pure Active Exfo-brusher Wash – £1.99

This little gem is a must for days when my skin really needs to be taken care of. The brush makes it so much easier to apply and the rubber bristles work well with water and softer or sensitive skin. I highly recommend this brush wash for anyone who doesn’t like using a wide range of products and just wants to aid their skin in feeling soft and fresh. Plus, the price makes it irresistible!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask – £3.79

I prefer this product as more of a mask than a wash as it’s not something used everyday. It really helps to unclog pores and remove any dirt and impurities deep down in my skin. Unlike a lot of masks, it’s very soft on the skin and doesn’t feel uncomfortable once it’s settled. The soft clay mask absorbs oil from the skin still leaving it moisturised and refreshed.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Scrub – £3.79

Like the Garnier daily scrub, this is also very soft and prevents spots in the skin. The beads in this scrub are a little tougher  but just as effective. It works really well with my skin and doesn’t damage the over-sensitive areas. I have also notices this scrub reduces the appearance of pores which is ideal for me!