How to Juggle Blogging and a Full Time Job

I wouldn’t be anywhere if I didn’t plan everything. I have a day-to-page planner which means I occasionally plan my days out by the hours. I feel much more at ease with the smooth running of my blog when I can visually see what I have going on throughout the week. It’s easy for tasks and ideas to get lost in the back of my memory, so it’s vital I plan just about everything I do; from the moment I wake up to the hour I go to bed.
Carry a notebook and camera
I always have a notebook as I’m always writing posts. Whether they’re freelance jobs or for Anika May, I like to have drafts written out while I have spare time so I’m not worrying about writing up a post the day it must be published. There wouldn’t be as many posts on Anika May if I didn’t write while I was on the go, and my iPad comes in handy for bumpy train rides too. I don’t carry my DSLR everyday, but I always have my iPhone which has a high quality, perfect for getting those spontaneous shots.
I’m always taking photos of things and writing posts around them. I may photograph an outfit or product I’m obsessed with and have it saved on my computer for weeks before I draft commentary on it. Similarly, when I do have drafts written up, I take the photos before I plan to set the post to go live. It’s another task that’s no longer weighing on my brain and it’s important to take advantage of the sunlight while I can.
Some bloggers believe in scheduling posts and other don’t. For the good of Anika May, I prefer to have posts scheduled in advance as I’m quite busy outside my blog. When I’m away from my computer, I don’t always have the resources to publish posts immediately so I can schedule them to go live while I handle working full time. I don’t tend to schedule posts for more than a week in advance, as a lot can change in that time and always go over features before they go live.
Don’t panic
Panicking about getting tasks done is it’s own form of procrastination. If I’m worrying about Anika May my job becomes very difficult and visa versa. It’s all about finding that balance between the both and easing the pressure on both ends. Blogging is a hobby I will always enjoy and never give up, making that passion one of the best shapes of motivation to work hard and achieve my goals.