Summer Ambition

Summer has always been something I have battled with. But after experiencing a little taste of the travelling life, I think there’s so much more to the season than I’m used to. I know summer as hayfever, busy cities and sweating all day. But to get me into the best mood for the season that’s in full swing, I created a board on Pinterest named Summer Ambition, full of photos that remind me of how fun summer can be. 

Although I’m past the age of having three months off in the summer, there’s still so much I want to do this year, despite being half-way through it. There aren’t any beaches in Leeds that I’m aware of, but there is the occasional heat wave and BBQ opportunity that I’m not looking to miss. Summer is also the perfect time of year to experiment more with my style and actually try to add some colour to my all-black wardrobe. Shoes other than ankle boots can be worn and I no longer feel the need to go to bed at 5pm because it’s dark out. One of my biggest summer ambitions is to take way more photos and blog even more. Between working full time, job hunting, blogging, writing and trying to experience absolutely every – I’m quite busy. But I can’t wait until the sun hits the north and festivals break out.

What’s your summer ambition?