Career Goals: Be Happy

There are hundreds of thousands of people that could spend days talking about how much they hate their job. They could describe every abominable moment of the working week without a single detail missing, from the unnecessarily packed trains, buses or traffic jams to the constant sound of a pretentious manager and wiseacre workmate. Not that I struggle with this on a daily basis, but from working 35 hours a week I’m started to see a generic adult routine setting in, I have decided one career goal: to be happy.

Financially, it’s not the best option. I live in the North which is a little easier on my current account but I’m also 19 and haven’t been working for a full year so my pockets aren’t exactly tearing at the seems. I’m so happy that I have been able to find a job in such an established corporation, where I’m able to learn more about the real world that I was every taught during my education years. However, being an employee has also helped me to realise it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. My day begins at 6:30am and I could go through the day to 5:00pm without remembering anything that happened – it’s actually quite scary.

Jumping around from job to job isn’t the way for me to find happiness in employment. Sometimes it’s not even the job that makes me smile, it could be a great conversation or a manager that shows realy confidence in me.

Blogging full time would be the ultimate dream, to spend all day writing and editing is the equivalent to a online sanctuary. My interests vary, it’s not difficult for me to dive into a project as I like to keep busy. It may result in me trying brand new experiences and taking on unfamiliar job roles. But I know, that in 20 years, the last thing I desire is to wake up dreading the journey to an industry I detest. Ambition isn’t something that’s considered to be one of my traits, but determination to aim higher just never seems to fade.