How to Cure Boredom

Get crafty

I often act like I’m an artistic person. Although I studied graphic design in school, I’m far from a Lee Krasner or Vivienne Westwood. But when I’m struggling to find something to do, it’s nice to pull out all those expensive art supplies I keep buying and actually try to use them. Even if it’s drawing a simple picture or (an attempt at) painting the Yorkshire scenery.


By getting stuck in a page-turning book, the time passes ever so quickly. There’s nothing better than getting lost in a captivating plot no matter what the storyline or genre. It’s a great way to pass time, but I also use reading to expand my vocabulary which is very helpful for me. I quite like the idea of being able to use a wider range of words, which works for me as someone who is trying to develop their journalism techniques.

Refine a skill

To expands techniques, you must be able to have the right skill level. This applies to just about anything and the only way to getting better at something is to practise. I’ve tried, there’s no shortcut. Finding that urge of motivation and working hard soon takes your mind away from how dull the day was.

Play a game

Competition is in my blood. I’m a fierce Mario Kart player and will happily play every track until I win each one. There’s no chance of mercy if I play monopoly and a solid game of hide and seek will feel more like the Hunger Games. Not that games have to be that serious, but they easily cure boredom even if you’re alone. There are plenty of free games online that you could get lost in and thousands that’s spend hours glued to a games console!

Get outside/work out

Walking is one of my favourite things to do this summer, and strangely enough – so is working out. My playlists are ready to go and I cam happily stroll across the Leeds Liverpool canal for hours. Pack a bag full of snacks and drinks and head out the door. If you hate walking, why not just sit outside and absorb your surroundings? Take in the great things this season has to offer and you’ll quickly end up in deep thought. Before you know it, an hour or so has passes!