My Top Fitness Apps

I feel like I’m constantly talking about this app. It’s really one of my favourites and I use it as much as possible. The app monitors walks, runs, rides and so much more – I use it for my Sunday run. There are so many features and it continues to expand with each update. I quite like to the social aspect to this app; you can share your goals, achievements and workouts on Facebook and Twitter whenever you like. You can also share photos and workouts with friends through the app and explore the activities of others.

This app is the best way for me to keep a good track of what I eat. It doesn’t necessarily help me lose weight but it does help me watch what I eat. I don’t want to be logging four glazed donuts in my diary, so I avoid them. The app keeps track of calories as well as other diet figures so it’s really easy to control your daily intake. Not only can you log branded foods and drinks, but also note down what exercise you’ve competed and for how long, this also shows up in your planner and gives you an all-round summary at the end of the day.

I came across this app after it was recommended by Ali Simpson though a YouTube video back in 2013 and haven’t stopped using it since. As someone who absolutely hates working out and any form of real exercise, this app subtly forces me to do a little bit every night. The app features seven work out loves that you complete as many times as you like and you’re done. You can pick between voice coaches and each move is incredibly easy to follow. They’re basic positions that can be done in the home without any equipment and only take seven minutes to complete. The app features challenges to help motivate you too!