Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

I always have a little style envy for anyone who lives in The Big Apple but Olivia is by far one of my favourites. It seems she’s able to wear just about any colour or style and still make it look chic. She oozes self confidence and easily intimidates competition. I first saw Olivia on The City, a show featuring another one of my favourite fashionistas, Whitney Port. Olivia was the mean girl, the one everyone loved to hate, and soon made NYC her own. She’s now married to Johannes Huebl (an incredibly handsome German model) and working hard to build up her brand and blog. Although Olivia’s work ethic is also a great aspiration, her style in particular always catches me and she never fails to impress. Olivia is one of the only celebrities I look out for during the Fashion Week period as she continues to promote elegance and luxury through her personal style and the designers she chooses to wear. Although I highly doubt Olivia is as evil as The City made her seem, I still want her wardrobe.

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