18 Things I Learned While I Was 18

I always look back on the past year like it was a lifetime ago. I started my blog when I was 18 and thought everything I posted was fantastic. Just looking back at the photos (including photo #1 – my first blogger profile picture) makes me cringe a little and it was only around a year ago.  Most of the valuable knowledge I have acquired, I learned during my 18th year of life. For the first time (in forever), I was alone and didn’t have anything to fall back on. There was no excuse for being a child, because I’m technically an adult. I am always treated adult which came with a huge sense of pride and an extra topping of responsibility. It really means that I need to think about what I do, before I take any action. Of course, the world doesn’t revolve around me but 2014/15 taught me how much I want every day to be different. Right now, I’m in a 9-to-5 office job doing the same thing, day-in day-out. Being there over the past eight months has also really aided my sense of adventure and pushed me to realise I want so much more.

Each day will bring it’s own anxieties, stop stressing.

It’s likely no one is looking at you.

Friends can fade away, and it’s not always a bad thing.

Finding a job is really hard.

I still read to many fashion magazines.

My confidence is down to me.

I will probably never have a consistent work-out routine.

Writing is what I enjoy most.

Having a diary isn’t juvenile.

My music taste can be whatever I want.

I’m really ambitious.

I like being independent.

Being tall is awesome.

A sense of adventure keeps my mind alive.

I would travel forever if I could.

I’m really bad at singing.

Romance is nothing like the movies.

I will never stop blogging.

When I look back on starting my blog at 18, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (and my bedroom was embarrassingly decorated). But almost a year later, I still know how much I love writing about anything and everything. Photography and media still remain key interests in my life too. My photos have changed quite a bit over the years, and I’ve experienced a lot despite it never feeling that way. From getting my first job to being able to write freelance and never feel shy about it. In the moment I don’t ever feel like I’m learning much; but reminiscing over the last year has assisted me in appreciating how experience in the outside world has educated me so much more than I could ever imagine.

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