Football Season

Here’s a fun fact about me: I’m a girly girl who absolutely loves American Football. Anything NFL I’m interest in and after a long wait, this evening marks the first pre-season game for my team, the New England Patriots. This always comes as shock for most people. I’m not the most feminine in the world but I wear dresses nearly everyday and pink is my favourite colour (stereotypical, I know). I have no idea where this passion for the game began, non of my family members or friends are interest – but I love it. Sadly, the game in the US is at 7:30pm (EDT) which means 12:30am here in the UK. Out of the entire team, my favourite player would have to be Rob Gronkowski, a 26-year-old tight end. He’s huge but lovable and extremely talented. Of course there’s Tom Brady but he’s everybody’s favourite.

This outfit was put together solely on the fact that football starts again and I’m way toe excited to hold it in! Go Pats!

T-shirt – Amazon // Hoodie – Amazon // Jeans – Next // Boots – Dorothy Perkins