Improving Your Mindset

Have a purpose

If there isn’t a reason behind an action, it’s very difficult to justify why you’re doing it in the first place. One of my biggest challenges is motivating myself to get tasks done, simply because I’m unbelievably and embarrassingly lazy. I would rather scroll through Tumblr for three hours than actually begin to attack my to do list. One thing I like to do, which always improves my outlook on hard work, is think about the reason I’m doing it. Thinking about the positive outcome pushes me to get the job done, so I can reach that outcome as soon as possible.

Be grateful

Taking a step back and really looking at a situation can help you to be thankful for where you are. Comparison is the complete opposite, and focusing on what others posses or have achieved is moving backwards. Focusing on our own achievements and how you got to that place will improve the outlook on the future.

Take breaks

A very common notion but one of the most useful. The brain needs time to chill too. Even if it’s just one evening a week or 20 minute intervals, take some time to sit back and relax, totally detaching from he world. If I want to take a break, I usually move away from all technology around me and go outside or read a few pages of a book. Even taking off my headphones, which seem to be glued to my ears, is advantageous and I feel refreshed when I return to a task. It’s easy to slip into procrastination mode, so finding an element of motivation to get you back into work is essential for staying productive.


One of my all-time favourite pastimes. This doesn’t mean sleep whenever something isn’t working. It means sleep when you’re supposed to sleep. Staying up late seems fun at first but I always regret it and feel much better when I head to bed in good time and wake up with a bit more peace of mind. It’s recommended that we get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night which isn’t always possible for everyone, but should be he ultimate goal.

Try to be positive

I’m constantly being told I’m pessimistic and my response will the same: “I’m not negative I’m just realistic.” Sometimes reality has its limitations and it’s good to dream above the bar or think outside the box. My automatic reaction is to see the bad side, seeing the glass as half empty is never efficient thinking. The best think to do is actually try to be positive, even if it seems impossible. Give it a go!