Life as a Blogger: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Blogging has helped me to grow in more ways than I could ever imagine. It’s provided me with opportunities and skills I would have never attained without taking the plunge, but that doesn’t mean that this hobby is all fun and games. There are a few honest truths about blogging that I have realised over time, which are only natural in such an industry.


The best thing about blogging is discovering yourself as a person. And not in an ‘Eat Pray Love’ way, but in a way that helps your distinguish your likes, dislikes and tastes. Before I started blogging, I was all over the place in terms of my individuality. A lack of confidence meant I would often try to imitate those who did have a real sense of assurance. There were plenty of girls who radiated poise and determination, even if they didn’t mean to. So in desperate need of that ray of courage I would try to, in a sense, morph myself into a version of that person. It didn’t work. It didn’t work because it’s not who I am, that’s something I have to figure out rather than try to fit into pre-made moulds.

Since blogging, I’ve realised that I have a ridiculously expensive taste, not matter how much it hurts my current account; but, I also love nothing more than trying on a dress designed just for me by my mum. By realising what kind of person I am, who I like to associate with and what style I’m into, my confidence grew. It grew because I became sure of what was on the inside and the outside, which reflected in my natural demeanour. Although I’m not a complete social butterfly and extrovert, my timid trait seems to be backing down. I don’t run away from social situations and will happily have a 45 minute discussion on how salted popcorn is better than sweet or how much I love Chris Evans with anyone. I’m also my own boss when I blog, which makes me very happy.


As amazing as blogging is for someone, it also has downsides. I don’t want to force these points, but they can’t be ignored. When you’re a blogger, you’re making that element of dedication to an online site based on anything you desire. As someone who’s embarrassingly ambitious, I hold certain standards for my blog and, of course, want it to be successful. With that comes a lot of pressure to keep up with the movement of modern times. Whether that’s getting the latest gadgets or owning the highest label of clothing. The pressure is there even if it’s not spoken of and it can affect anyone.


Believe it or not, there are sides of blogging even I don’t enjoy. When you create your own space on the Internet, aspects of your life are on show for the entire world to see. The more people that see that information, the less control you have. Once something is on the World Wide Web, it’s impossible to erase forever. Putting yourself out there takes great courage, but it also means you’re open to the opinion of others who have no regard for feelings. Harsh words burn, and are the drive behind the ‘ugly’ side of blogging. The Internet is something that can be used for so much good, but sadly, it’s also an incredibly powerful tool for destruction.