New CID Cosmetics i-flutter Mascara Review

Finding an honourable mascara is a struggle for me. I don’t often find ones that work for me as I have very small and thin eyelashes; luckily, they do naturally curl up so that is never a worry. On the other hand, I do look out for products that will lengthen and add definition to my lashes without making them bulky and heavy. I came across the New CID Cosmetics i-flutter Mascara after falling in love with their i-polish, which I reviewed in July. The mascara does come in three colour, but I would always stick to black. The one thing I adore about New CID Cosmetics is the high quality products, and fair price. For a good quality, sometimes we must splash out on a little more than £10.00. For it’s reputation and prices, I would put New CID Cosmetics on a scale equally between high street or drug store and high label.

It’s not often I find a lot of blogs that review mascara so I tend to shop around and find what’s best. I usually stick to Rimmel, as their wide range of lash defining products have been incredibly useful over the years. Yet, I have found this mascara to top them all. The brush is soft and easy to handle, the bristles aren’t ever uncomfortable or prickly which is quite common on high street products. I’ve also found that the brush works for all lashes, not just the inner or outer ones. The actual mascara has a very soft texture and doesn’t turn rock solid during the day. I’ve found that this brush separates my lashes, as one of the biggest problems I have previously had are my eyelashes getting stuck together and looking like the legs of a spider.

After around a month of using this product, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for someone who’s looking for something above high street level, without spending too much.