What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job

We’ve all been there. You spend so much time and energy putting everything into the perfect application. The unnaturally painful nerves you get minutes before the interview. Your heart skips a beat every time you receive an email or a phone call. The all-round passion and enthusiasm your brain creates in hopes of attaining the position. Even total pessimists like myself have a sprinkle of hope that shines for the weeks you sit in a pool of anxiety. Then one day, the call or email drops. Your heart races and as soon as your mind registers the words “unfortunately”, “unsuccessful” or even “I regret to inform you that”, every ounce of belief shrivels into a vacuum of nothingness and your surroundings become silent. 


As you can probably tell, I’ve been in this position more than once. If fact, it happened to me on the very day I’m writing this post. When it’s a job you’re so desperate for, it creates an element of heartache that becomes incredibly difficult to deal with. For me, this happened in the middle of the day, while I was at my existing job and I was in such a state of turmoil blended with sadness I simply couldn’t move. The immediate reaction is to cry, it’s what human do when they’re sad. It’s to then sulk, and mentally insult the company that chose not to accept you. The feeling is so uncomfortable, you don’t quite know what to do with yourself so you just stare until the feelings slowly melt away. After years of rejection, there are a few pointers I have learned that help me to get over the mourning in a quicker and positive way.

Ache, if you want to. 

It’s okay to not to be okay! Not getting something you want isn’t exactly the key to a smile. When something doesn’t go my way, I don’t feel sorry for myself and fall into the habit of self-pity; rather I just let myself sulk for an hour. It’s a natural and emotion we shouldn’t try to bottle up or hide. I occasionally ask for feedback, which will also help you improve for the next opportunity.

Get some tasks done

I was so awfully upset about not getting my dream job in marketing, I wrote three blogs posts on the twenty minute train journey home. So of my most productive days are when I’m full of emotion, whether it’s good or bad. The sense of passion is there and it adds a certain flare to my writing (most likely a sassy one).

Turn the sorrow into motivation 

It’s common to be bitter, but the key is never to stay down. That’s where things can go horribly wrong. Rather than dwelling in a lake of melancholy, think about how magnificent you are and how this isn’t the end of the world. Something else will come up and the hopelessness is only a temporary feeling. The world has so much to offer, we can’t waste time thinking about all the things we can’t do. Instead, think about all the skills and abilities that you do possess!

Make yourself laugh

If all else fails, the best way to make myself better is to laugh. I have a pretty wide sense of humour and will laugh at just about any Vine. I could spend hours scrolling through humour Tumblr blogs or reading hilarious tweets linked to unforgettable trends. Find someone that makes you smile and stick with it until your mind effectively overlooks rejection.