Plaid Power

Since working full time, time seems to magically disappear from me without my permission and I’ve learned how much time it takes for my inner-perfectionist to calm down and just get the job done. However, with a new wage, come a new shopping budget and I’m so excited to start sharing more outfits on Anika May.

This looks is a total autumn buy and I couldn’t resist. One of my biggest style icons is Serena van der Woodsen and I’ll wear anything that I’ve seen her in. Plaid isn’t one of my favourite patterns, I never thought it really suited me, but since watching a Gossip Girl episode which features the one and only It Girl in a stunning plaid look, I thought I’d give the seasoned look a try. Plus, the wrap is incredibly warm, it’s like wearing a super stylish blanket outside. I think the colours are create the idea autumnal palette, and it’s so easy to dress with! Denim looks great with the wool-cotton fabric, so I paired my favourite pair of blue jeans and nude booties to finish the look.

Top – Next // Wrap – Matalan // Jewellery – Next // Boots – Next // Bag – TK Maxx