Sleek MakeUp Face Form Palette Review

As a growing beauty fanatic, I love experimenting with new products and concepts. I may be a little late to this party, but I have been looking at some cheaper alternatives rather than splashing out on a product I’m not really going to use on a regular basis. Sleek is a brand that I never used to pay much attention to; they have always been a reliable label for lip gloss, but as the name inherits more prominence and they begin releasing more successful products, I’ve started shopping in their amazing line. Sleek’s face powder is an everyday use for me, so it was only natural I would edge towards them for my first contour kit, the Face Form palette.

The first thing I noticed about this mini palette is the smooth texture of each shade, including the shimmery, lighter shades. It’s quite common for facial powders and products to have quite a rough feel, meaning you have to almost dig into the palette to use it. I found with this product, just a few simple stroked of a contour brush was perfectly effective. This palette does come in different shades: Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. I think this is one of the reasons why the product has become so popular. In my case, it can be quite difficult to find contour kits that blend well with my skin tone, either they’re too dark, too light or simply too expensive. The shades are built to blend with skin tones rather than clash.

The Face Form palette is very light on the skin, and isn’t dusty at all. The easy-to-apply texture and subtle shimmer highlight cheekbones and show brilliant definition. The packaging of the product is very sleek (pun intended) and easy to carry. The palette is light and would easily slot into an average sized make-up bag without taking up too much room. The mirror inside is the length of the product to help you touch-up throughout the day. For £9.99 I think this Face Form palette is a great buy and will last quite a while; it’s available at most drugstores or make-up counters. I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who’s a beginner in contouring or doesn’t need a wide range of colours and shades.