Typical Tartan


Dress – custom made // Bag – TK Maxx (Fiorelli) // Watch – M&S (old)

There’s something I just adore about a typical tartan print. No matter what the colour, I’m naturally drawn to the pattern and I think it’s idea for the upcoming season. I think the versatility is one this I really like. The criss-crossed arrangement can be found on a wide range of fabric, from silk for a scarf or cotton for a dress, despite tartan originating in woven wool. As it always comes in every colour possible, the print is really easy to dress up or down. My dress could be taken as an example, black is by far the easiest colour to dress around and happens to be the base colour for my ensemble. The subtle stripes of pink and grey bring the dress to life without going to far. I am trying to wear more colours this year so I added my bright blue handbag as a staple accessory. Finally, my suede boots match the colour of my dress and casually contract with the fabric of my dress without clashing.