6 Reasons I Adore Autumn

Many would conclude it’s easier for me to list things I don’t like rather than things I do like. However, one thing I absolutely love is Autumn. This season is great in so many ways, and like spring, it brings exciting times and great spirits. 

#1 The weather is manageable enough for me.

Although there can occasionally be days where the weather is like a crisp winter day in the morning and turns to the middle of summer by noon, I actually find it a lot easier to dress for this kind of weather. It’s weather that’s not too hot function in and never too chilly to handle. During this season, the office I work in is also usually a great temperature which means I get get on with my job without shivering or sweating – always a bonus.

#2 Autumnal style is perfection

I absolutely love the style that comes with this season. Whether it’s adding layers with faux fur or mixing the amazing colours this time of year brings, I love experimenting with my style. I can try on turtle necks without worrying about overheating and finally wear the (many) capes and cardigans I’ve collected over the summer. Over time, it’s noticeable my wardrobe contains more winter pieces that summer styles simple from living in the North for nineteen years, so it’s exciting getting to try on everything I own. 

#3 Cosy nights

And the very best of cosy nights: oversized jumpers, candles, romance films, cuddles, fluffy socks, blanket and hot chocolate. The list is endless, but now the summer is really over, I look forward to coming home, curling up into the fur blanket and going through my Netflix list or flying through chapters of my favourite book. Autumn seems to bring some of the very best sunsets! Fireplaces and candles add a great setting for the darker evenings too.

#4 Walking through the colourful leaves

A sweet autumn walk through the brisk breeze and bright trees is the perfect thing for me. Whether it’s alone or with my friends, a lot walk wrapped in scarves and happiness is the ideal way to wind down after a hard week at work. I like walking for exercise and the stamina needed to run is not really my cup of tea; so taking a long walk and watching the leaves fall is just excellent.

#5 Bonfires with cider in the woods

As I live in the ‘countryside’ section of West Yorkshire, there are woodlands everywhere, also accompanied by the bright red moors. A tradition among myself and my friends is to grab a few packs of cider, snacks and firewood. Setting up a bonfire surrounded by colourful trees, blankets and people you love makes for a great autumn Friday night. This doesn’t have to be over the top, but is still plenty of fun.

#6 My bed feels cosier

As everywhere outside my bed is reasonably cold, climbing under my many layers in the softest pyjamas and my favourite Spotify playlist going sounds amazing right now. Because I work all week, I naturally wake up quite early in the morning, sometimes as early as 5:30am. Looking at the clock, realising it’s Sunday morning and melting back into the sheets is just a fantastic feeling and I look forward to this almost every weekend!

What do you love about this season?

[68 all other images: Tumblr]