Late Season Garden Party

Wedges are the perfect shoe for early autumn. Not only are they the easiest form of heel to walk in, but they also come in the widest variety which makes most styles easy to dress up or down. This evening I’ll be attending a garden party in a rustic-style venue with a few friends. It’s quite rare to attend gatherings hosted outdoors during this time of the year but I never say no to a shindig. I think my layered dress adds an element of complexity to my outfit without becoming too overbaring and bright for the season. A blend of primary colours is usually associated with summer so I tried to stick to a basic tone throughout while still giving off that slightly formal tone. My nude wegdes are amazingly comfortable so I’m able to wear them all night; the shade blends with every other colour in my wardrobe which makes them one of my very favourite pairs.

Denim jackets are also a statement summer item, but as this party isn’t going to be in the freezing cold autumn rain, I decided it would be fitting to include this warmer piece to brighten up and casualize my look. I love to carry my tiny Topshop purse to every event I go to so I couldn’t leave it out of this outfit.

Jacket – Topshop // Dress – Next