Nudes Eyeshadow Review

Recently, I’ve found myself becoming totally and completely obsessed with eyeshadow. Because I have a darker skin tone, finding colours that blend rather than contrast can be a challenge. I like experimenting with metallics and shimmers for a unique look, but for my everyday eye-style, I tend to keep it simple but interesting. 

The key for me to keep a unique look on my eyelids without going to far is blending colours of a similar texture and palette. So rather than mixing primary colours or brighter shades, I chose this nude palette to try out as it has been immensely popular among bloggers and vloggers. The product has been on the market for a while and become very successful over the summer season. What I like most is the wide variety of colours that still blend well together. IT’s very common to find palettes that have a load of shades just thrown together with very little thought. The multiple colours features in The Nudes Palette mean it’s versatile for all skin tones and very easy to use for beginners. It’s hard to go wrong when each shade matches the next.

I also adore the texture and tone of the eyeshadows. They’re not sticky or thin, and aren’t dusty either. If velvet could be an eyeshadow, it would be The Nudes Palette. It’s rare I struggle to find faults with a lot of beauty products, but I have found this palette to be perfect for everyday and for night. There’s a colour to match every skin tone and the shimmery option to spice up a normal look. It’s a great palette to create a subtle smokey eye, the ideal eyeshadow style for autumn.

This palette has become one of my favourite beauty products to use on a regular basis and surely lives up to the extensive publicity it has received.