Simple Stripes

As a few of my reader may know, my mother has worked in the fashion industry her entire life. Being in that environment a few times has helped me to realise how much a simple look can go a long way. Sure, wacky and wonderful pieces are to being admired for creativity, but there’s something like the simplest of styles that has always caught my eye, whether it’s in the sewing room or on the catwalk. This dress has become one of my favourite pieces because it’s complex but simple at the same time – if that’s even possible. It’s a basic A-line design, with no side seams or sleeves. The dress is cotton-jersey which is easily one of the most comfortable fabrics besides wool.

The blend of colours is what makes it stand out and they’re contrasted in a stripe pattern which immediately catches the eye. The red, white and blue printed dress was one of my favourites while travelling around Oslo, and is the dress I’m wearing in my profile picture on this page. It also happens to be the dress I’m wearing on my Contact page – I really like this dress.

The best quality is that it’s so easy to dress up or down and pair with many different colours. The use of primary colours makes the dress much more versatile. In today’s look, which is quite light for the time of year, I opted to make the Primark piece the centre of my look, surrounding it with black.