Style Crush: Chrissy Teigen

Everyone adores Chrissy for her humble personality and relatable sense of humour. She also has an amazing sense of style making her the ultimate style crush.

I can’t be the only one looking forward to Chrissy’s future maternity style!

One thing I’ve noticed is that Chrissy has a really fun style that’s always chic. She doesn’t usually go out of her way to look good, and has the confidence to make every ensemble effortless. Chrissy’s sense of style is likely to come from her amazing experience in fashion and great relationship with some of the world’s biggest designers. She is a huge fan of dresses, and has a naturally feminine approach to chosing the gown for her. 

Whether it’s a velvet red carpet or a New York stroll, Chrissy can easily rock the mini or full-length. The Sports Illustrated model has a marvellous figure, but will often be spotted wearing a pair of killer heels to elongate her legs and increase her level of sex appeal. I also think Chrissy’s personality shines through in some of the pieces she wears. For example, at the Spike Guys Choice Awards in 2014, Chrissy wore this amazing bright yellow number by by Three Floor. The dress is short, fun and playful which matches Chrissy’s bright nature and smile. 

Her outfits manage to remain chic and never fall short, making Chrissy one of my favourite style crushes to date.