The Perfect Movie Night | AD

There’s nothing greater that to stay in and get cosy during Autumn. It’s the perfect season to storm through your Netflix list or catch up on your favourite DVDs. An intimate night in is the perfect weekend idea and the best way to get together with friends and family for light-hearted fun. There are are a few essentials needed to make a movie night perfect:

The perfect TV

For a film night to be complete, you need something to watch the films on! The Panasonic Viera has recently caught my eye, mainly for the amazing 4K quality. I’m not as tech-savvy as I like to think, but when finding out about this 4K television, I knew it had the be included in my essentials. 4K resolution is a much higher quality than the standard HD most people settle with; plus, the idea of my future husband (Chris Evans) on a bigger and better screen is a win-win situation!

Snacks, snacks and more snacks

I couldn’t imagine a movie night without a gallon of popcorn and a never-ending supply of sweets. Hot food is also a bonus for a great night in, the unhealthier the better. Pizzas and takeaways are the cheapest and quickest way to go without making too much of a mess. Autumn is the season for hot chocolate, and hundreds of mini marshmallows!

Little lights

As it gets a lot darker during this time of year, I always like to add a little splash of light the lift the mood during a film night. Fairy lights are ideal as they won’t take away from the picture shown on the screen and will still create a great vibe and ambience in the room. I also adore candles (they’re all I ever seem to talk about), so whenever I get an opportunity to light some Yankee Candles around the home, I jump at the chance. They’ll also hide the greasy pizza scent that usually films the room.

Blankets and cosy cushions

For a cosy night in, the more blankets the better – bring a duvet if necessary. While the crazy cold breeze continues outside, a movie evening brings in the best warmth and any excuse to cuddle up in some faux fur. I love using massive cushions or beanbags to melt into and snuggle up in. They help to create a great atmosphere which is fundamental for a marathon of movies.

Plenty of options

Sometimes it can be really difficult to find one film to watch that will satisfy everyone, that’s why I always have a few alternatives up my sleeve or go for the all-out movie marathon. My little sister and I often plan ahead for what we’ll watch. For a super girly night in, the classics are essential. However, no one ever says no to a little Disney all-nighter. Or if no one can decide, I’m perfectly happy to watch every Chris Evans film for the night.