Why the Opinions of Others Shouldn’t Bring You Down

“How do you maintain such a care-free attitude?”

Getting here wasn’t easy. There was no rainbow-filled road surrounded by sunshine and smiles, it took a few down days and plenty of eye-opening experiences to realise the only opinion that really matters is mine. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I grew up as a painfully shy introvert surrounded by family and friends who were quite the opposite. I often found it very difficult to find someone to relate to, which made me feel more uncomfortable in my own skin.As time passed, my teenage years were not simple. Like most, there were amazing moments and areas I would rather forget. But each event has helped to shape the person I am today.

My personality hasn’t changed, I still have the same sense of humour and traits, but my train of thought and mindset altered in a way that makes me much more confident. It’s almost heart-warming to look back at how much I have come out of my shell… as narcissistic as that sounds. I understand not everyone is in my position, but over my nineteen years of life, there are a few tips I stick by that help keep my brain happy

Develop an attitude. A level of my confidence comes from my attitude, as in that weird teenage “I hate everything” attitude you develop from around fourteen onwards. There’s a part of this outlook that really helps with ignoring the ‘haters’. This doesn’t mean you have to say anything, but it’s all in your head. Get the brain in the right place, and the rest will follow. Having a strong attitude has helped me to gain a tough skin which is handy in the working world. If you have the right attitude to a poor opinion, it won’t mean anything to you.

Don’t compare. This will always be a no-no. I learned the hard way and it wasn’t pleasant. Sometimes things other people say have no meaning or purpose. There are mean people everywhere, and sadly it’s something that one person doesn’t have the power to change.  Instead of repeating the harsh words over and over (because I know that’s what you do), try and wipe them completely out of your mind by acknowledging the comment with pride and moving on.

Embrace it. I think part of the reason the opinion of others got to me was because I actually cared about their opinion. My mind instinctively became troubled at the idea of someone disliking me or finding something wrong with me – not the way to go. This tip goes hand in hand with having a confident attitude, as it’s time for our generation to be selfish, but in a good way. Just think: “it doesn’t actually matter”… or be super Sasha Fierce feisty and take it as a compliment. 

So, when another voice gets to you, what do you do?