Beat the Monday Blues

It’s very common to get a little down on Sunday evenings, I certainly do. This is for one reason: Monday is approaching. By Monday morning, I’m never that motivated even though I have plenty of energy following a fun-filled weekend. 

Putting a positive spin on the week isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re a bit of a Negative Nelly like me. It takes real effort and determination to succeed to see the positive side in something that only seems to look down. I like to believe there’s a gem of hope in everyday, there’s a prospect that could easily brighten every day – looking for that gem or even looking forward to that gem instantly puts me in a better mood. It could be considered quite a strange point of view, but when I’m uncomfortably stuffed on a cramped train, thinking about that gem of happiness this day could bring makes me feel a lot better. A train of thought can affect my entire mood, so focusing on things that make me happy help a lot. Whether it’s a funny video I saw (most likely a Vine), or a tweet that throws me into hysterical laughter, it can improve my mindset and instantly gets rid of the Monday blues.


I get the train to and from work which in itself can be a bi of a stress fest. That’s where Spotify becomes my best friend. Whether it’s the “Acoustic Morning” or “Morning Boost” playlists, there’s always something I can find to listen to. Music streaming sites and apps are an amazing tool for finding the perfect pre-made playlist – notably for people like me that are way too lazy to make their own at last minute. 8tracks, Spotify and even BBC iPlayer Radio are a few of my favourites, they’re great for finding new artists to follow or songs to fall in love with. Music is the simplest way to brighten the Monday blues and get rid of that bad mood in under five minutes.


I’m not the most social human alive but once I’m in a conversation, it’s very difficult for me to shut up. Luckily, I’ve managed to find some friends that like me and will chat throughout the day. Whenever I really bored on my lunch break or am trying to shake a terrible mood that fills my mind. Plus, I can always chat the people on Twitter or Tumblr which never fails to cheer me up!