Next Blogger Network Event in Soho | #NBNevent

I was recently invited to a blogger event by Next at the Soho Hotel in London. With a 4am start, the day was filled with fun, food and plenty of bloggers. Take a look below!

I was first of all so excited to be in London, as I haven’t visited the capital city since travelling on the Eurostar to Paris back in 2013. As I live in a countryside-like environment, being in a super busy city (other than Leeds) is really exciting as it’s nice to experience something new.


As I’m quite a shy person, I planned my travel and day by the hour, just to make it completely-stress free. After purchasing my ticket online with a 16-25 railcard, while on the train to London I was then told my railcard wasn’t valid (even though officials at Leeds Stations confirmed it was) and I would have to buy a new one otherwise there’s a chance I could be fined or arrested – imagine the panic.

From the moment my train stopped at King’s Cross, I ran to the photo-booth, got a new set of photos and paid £30 for a brand new railcard. After all this was sorted, I was finally on my way to a good day in London.


When arriving at the colourful Soho Hotel, I met quite a few bloggers and got to know quite a lot of people. One thing that caught my eye (other than the food) was an enormous pink vending machine, this dispatched Accessories by Next items when you tweeted the phrase provided on the screen.

By 11am, the group of bloggers entered a theatre where Danielle Peazer, Jen Stanbrook, Samantha Maria and Rosie Fortescue where sat ready for our questions. I was super excited to hear from bloggers I had been following from a long while, and after winning a competition to tweet my favourite quotes, I won the chance to have a one-on-one chat with Jen on how to improve my blog and turn Anika May into my career.


After an amazing lunch, which features mini pulled-pork burgers *heart-eye emoji*, we went back into the theatre where the official #NBNawards were being held. I knew I was nominated for a category but never imagined I could be mentioned that afternoon as there were many strong competitors. Amazingly, I received the award as runner up as the Best NBN Blogger which couldn’t be more exciting! It’s such a lovely feeling to be recognised for blogging and is something I would cross off my blogging bucket list. I’ve attended an event, been recognised for Anika May and met more bloggers!


Once the event was over, we received a goodie bag full of amazing products which are pictured above. After leaving the event, I decided to explore London with the few remaining hours I had and take some memorable photos while in one of my favourite cities (post coming soon).


My outfit of the day was built around my dress by Next. The printed piece is bold with subtle details by the neckline which help it to easily become the centrepiece of a look. My boots are my new winter loves – I wear them anywhere and everywhere.


The day was definitely a success and I have to say a huge thank you to Next for creating the event, inviting me and even nominating me for an award – I can’t wait to start attending more meetups!

Dress – Next // Jacket – Primark  // Boots – Next