The Superstar Setting Spray

I work pretty long hours during the week and I often find that around halfway through the day my make-up doesn’t look as great as it did when I initially applied it. This is most likely due to the huge amount of rushing around I do, as well as the weather conditions and the complete mess I make when eating. Looking for a setting spray online was quite difficult as there are so many to chose from and a lot of YouTubers or beauty gurus recommend sprays that are just too far out of my price range.

By the time I’d watched around 30 videos on everyday make-up routines and the best setting sprays in the business, I decided to do my own search and take a chance of the first on that appealed to me. I skipped drugstore websites, simply because certain products are too overpriced for my liking. Then I came across The Fixer Face Spray by cosmetics label, W7. As a natural born bargain hunter, the Amazon price immediately struck me. It’s rare you can find products of this price as the high labels sell for the higher prices. However, the reviews were simply amazing, it was too good of an offer to miss. After ordering the spray, it arrived in four days and I began using it immediately.

One thing I noticed straight away is that it wasn’t sticky. Just about everyone has tried that hairspray-on-the-face to keep your make-up in place trick, this works but it can get a little sticky. This spray covers my entire face with one squirt and dries immediately. This is a huge bonus for me as I’m always on the go and don’t have to time wait for my make-up to dry. As the spray dries instantly, it doesn’t run at all which is an essential feature for foundation and mascara-based make-up looks.

I now use this setting spray every day, which means it’s rare I re-apply make-up throughout the day. I don’t usually carry a make-up bag with me any more because there’s nothing to touch up. This teeny tiny bottle has twice the power hairspray does and is most likely a lot better than some of the high end setting sprays out right now.