this is how my week goes

this is how my week goes

My style has evolved massively over the past year and that’s fairly evident from my Polyvore page and choice of outfits. From the beginning of Anika May, I believed the crazier the better, the most I had going on in one look equalled the best I was going to look. As I’ve grown up, that’s changed quite a bit, and although I tend stick to a simpler palette, I still like to make a look interesting.

The R13 Nancy Striped Boy Tee is proof of how monochrome does wonders. The contrast in colours can appear bolder and much more powerful than a graphic tee. I love the relaxed fit and casual vibe. It’s quite easy to pair with a lot of items, but today I chose Studded Black High Waisted Jean Shorts to match the darker colour. Shorts are not usually something included in a wishlist during this time of year but on Anika May, basically anything goes.

I’ve recently seen a lot of lace lingerie among some of my favourite stores (Topshop, TK Maxx, Next and M&S the most) and think this is a great trend for the individual. Some people may chose to dress to impress, but sometimes you have to wear something that’s just for you – no one else has to see it and it makes you feel great. 

I’m crazy in love with these Dioon Elastic Chelsea Boots by Vagabond as the brand just has the most amazing line of shoes. There’s a little something for everyone, and as this wishlist is mostly dark and items are ‘whatever goes’, edgy platforms are the perfect way to finish the look. Vagabond’s range of shoes are available all over the world and feature a really high quality of Chelsea boots which is what originally drew me to the label.  

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