Today is a Leggings Day

I’ve recently been trying to wear all the clothes in my closet. Not all at once obviously, but there are some items I just never seem to put on any more and I think it’s time for this to change. After having an enormous dig through my bits and bats and cleaning out as much as possible, I managed to fill a charity bag and two shoe boxes (which I’ll be using for the Shoebox Appeal). Alongside the pile of things to go away, was the pile of this to try on and wear more often – which is how I cam across a few items in today’s look.




I find it really difficult to find leggings that are soft but not too thick. Sometimes the fabric is just too much despite how cold the weather is. I don’t wear leggings that often, but after coming across this pair from Next, I’ve decided that today is definitely a leggings day. Leggings aren’t always known as the most fashionable of styles but I love them! They’re cosy and warm and great to make an outfit seem more casual. I do agree with the phrase “leggings are not pants”, as I wouldn’t rock out of the house in a cropped tee and super thin leggings, but I do like them with long tops, oversized shirts and huge knits.


The comfort aspect is really important to me which is why I absolutely love leggings for this season. I only ever wear black leggings which I have paid with my favourite biker jacket, and Fiorelli bag for a pop of colour. There’s nothing like feeling super stylish and effortless at the same time!


Top – Matalan // Jacket – Miss Selfridge // Leggings – Next // Boots – Dorothy Perkins