What to Do When You’re Uninspired

The most obvious answer would be to: find inspiration; but there are plenty of ways to do this without it feeling like a burden.

Get online.

This is something I usual do without effort anyway, but one the ways I find inspiration in many forms is from other people. Social media such as Instagram and Tumblr are my favourites for finding the perfect photo or post idea. Likewise, Pinterest has the ability to create ideas and inspire in every category on the earth, from weddings to house interiors and workouts.
I have quite a lot of boards dedicated to fashion and style, as well as some of the other loves like beauty, TV shows and even food. All of a sudden, I could be scrolling through a feed and come up with an idea the exact moment I’m not expecting it. Social media is great for learning from others while getting to know new people simultaneously.

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Get creative.

I like to think I’m a creative person, both my parents are in creative professions and I think this does inspire me on occasion, however sometimes I just can’t be bothered to get the acrylics out and construct a ‘masterpiece’. However, there are other ways to be creative that will inspire a positive train of thought and generative some motivation and ideas. Creating a moodboard, whether it’s on a wall or in a scrapbook is great for putting everything on your mind in one place. They can be centred around anything and look great once the final piece is complete. I have a mood wall behind my desk and computer, filled with images of places I would like to visit, souvenirs from places I’ve been and photos with quotes and art to help inspire me when I’m typing away during the week.


Get help.

Reaching the ultimate procrastination point is poisonous to enthusiasm. When the level of inspiration is at an all-time low, one of the simplest things to do is call upon a trusted associate in time of need. I tend to find someone who’s creative in their own right and could sprinkle a little incentive over me to help me reach some form of a revelation. A few of my blogs posts have been inspired from family of friends. When I meet friends for coffee, I’ll also take along my iPad in case anything suddenly springs to mind.


Get outside.

I luckily live in quite a scenic area of Yorkshire so taking a quiet walk is easy and being alone with my thoughts does help to clear my mind. I could be with or without music, but sometimes some of my longer or deeper blogposts have come from an idea inspired while I was out in the fresh air. If I’m looking for a lot more motivation, picking up my laptop, heading out the door and finding somewhere to sit and type is ideal. I’m not distracted by anything else going on and blogging becomes my main focus, plus there’s usually no wifi.