A Northern Girl Down South

I recently travelled down to London to attend my first blogger event. Of course, while I was there I took hundreds of photos, unfortunately that would make the world’s longest blog post. So I’ve chosen so of my favourites and created a mini gallery below!

While I was there, Storm Abigail and Hurricane Kate also happened to be making a visit which made it incredibly difficult to take a still photos. At one point, while stood on the Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges, the wind was so strong people were holding onto the railings to avoid being blown away!

Somehow, I managed to walk all the way from the Soho Hotel to the London Eye without a map or directions. I have now idea how I managed it as I haven’t been to London since 2013 but I was pretty impressed at my sense of direction. Although the weather wasn’t on my side, I absolutely loved my few hours of wondering around. My goal was to get as many photos as possible, and there are at least 300. I don’t get to visit London often so even having a few exciting memories to bring back to the Yorkshire moors is great to look back on. While down in the big city, I didn’t splash out of any classic souvenirs but managed to become the ultimate tourist, even taking a black cab to my original destination.

After walking back and forth and trying to figure out which way is up, I ended up getting an Uber from Whitehall Court (no idea how I ended up there) back to King’s Cross and got a train back to Leeds, avoiding the crazy storms.

For a lot of travellers, London may not seem like the most exciting city, but for me it’s a huge change from everyday life and I absolutely love it. A busy environment is exciting and exactly what keeps me wide awake and ready to go. As much as I love a lazy morning looking at the winter countryside, I like a lively scene, a vibe London never loses.