Things I Love to Geek out Over

I think in their own right, everyone has nerd moments about certain things. Whether it’s all out fangirling or simply an inner squeal, it’s always exciting.

Fashion weeks
I could spend hours each day, flicking through Elle Collections or online fashion sites to check out the latest from fashion week. I think the obsession comes from interest in fashion from a young age – I used to dream of being a designer and would spend every night after school perfecting my account on Stardoll. I used to read fashion magazines every day, trying to learn as much as possible to become a fashion phenomenon. I still absolutely adore fashion week and watch as many vlogs as I can while it’s on, just so I can stay up to date which on the go.

I’ve become a total Marvel geek, and it’s not on purpose. I adore action films in general, and was never originally drawn to Iron Man or The Incredible Hunk. I never grew up with comic books and still don’t have a huge, impressive collection; but the films are something I obsess over – the excitement for the Civil War trailer was indescribable.

Chris Evans
I don’t know how to begin. Well, the fangirling from Chris Evans came from watching Marvel films. I’m not a super-crazy fan and don’t stalk him every move, but, I absolutely love him. Captain America is easily my favourite superhero (besides Black Widow) and The Winter Soldier is a film I could watch every day. I think Chris has a great personality and is very humble which I find extremely attractive.

Box sets
Once I’m into a TV show, it basically becomes my life. My Netflix addiction really needs to be under control but it’s very difficult to do so when it’s easy to access and doesn’t give me enough time if I want to turn it off. Shows I’ve geeked out over include: Suits, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Agents of Shield, Modern Family, New Girl and so many more. The list is endless, I love being engrossed in a great show.

As a blogger, my laptop, iPhone and iPad are necessary. I will spend all my life savings on the latest product, but they’re definitely something I geek out over. Living without the gadgets I have would be impossible, so I love to collect new ones (including the cases that come with them). Similarly, I’m also really into cars. It comes as a surprise for most people, and it’s not so much a materialist obsession as much as a genuine interest. I’m fascinated by how they work, and how technology and science has evolved to create modern society.

My fashion essentials are suede ankle boots and a leather jacket. The fabrics are items I love to wear and dress around. I think they’re both incredibly versatile and have textures that look great alone but also compliment other fabrics. I would never say no to a leather handbag. Although I don’t own a lot of real leather, it’s very difficult to resist a high quality faux piece from one of my favourite high street stores.

Not so much the English way, but the American way. Anything NFL is anything I like. It comes as a surprise to most people, and isn’t something I was always interested in. While flicking through channels, I somehow wondered onto the Sky Sports region and watched a New England Patriots game. I was so impressed with the way they played and loved the enthusiasm for the game, I haven’t stopped watching it since. When they won the Super Bowl last year, I absolutely ecstatic and stayed up until the early hours of the morning to watch the big game.

What kind of things do you geek out over?