Why I Like to Keep a Journal


Diary, journal, feelings book – whatever you want to call it, an area where you can note down your thoughts and feelings isn’t just for the youngsters. Keeping a journal is a really great way to keep your mind at ease and decrease the chances of anxiety attacks.

When I was younger, I was always on of those girls who thought they were in a CBBC series about themselves, narrating everything in my head and keeping a diary full of reflection and secrets that began with the phrase “Dear diary…”. I even had one of those voice controlled password diaries by Girl Tech, and in 2004, it was the most amazing invention I ever owned. As I look back, I’ve realised there’s was always something I loved about writing things down, writing is an enormous passion of mine and a skill I like to refine as much as possible.

Keeping a diary is something that can be quite difficult, as I often forget to record things or hide it within my enormous stash of notebooks, never to be found again. The biggest bonus for me is being able to note down how I’m feeling, especially if it’s something negative. Getting all those feelings on one page can be helpful in clearing your mind and putting things into perspective. When I’m really frustrated, pulling out a journal and scribbling loads of thoughts on a page makes me feel much better. Bottling it up never has a practical outcome. Diaries are a great method of therapy – and free!

Writing special moments in a journal is also a great way to record positive thoughts and memories. I love photo albums, but something that I also like to look back on are old diaries which never fail to make me laugh. Some of the “problems” I experienced at 9 years old are nothing short of hilarious, whether it’s not being treated fairly during bulldogs charge or accidentally tearing a poster cut out of my Top of the Pops magazine. A diary holds every aspect of emotion on one page.


I think there are so many advantageous reasons to keep a journal, whether you want to be creative or make some amazing memoirs!