Call It Casual Saturday

I found myself in wonderland

My favourite thing about creating sets on Polyvore is that I get to discover new items to add to my wishlist, the list that is only ever getting longer.

The first item in my list is the shirt jumper by French Connection. Over the colder seasons, I’ve been drawn towards more shirts like this rather than enormous woolly jumpers. As much as I love to be totally and completely surrounded by wool, jumpers like this are much more effective for work. If I ever work on a Saturday, I’m not required to wear a uniform or smart clothing, but discretion is advised. This shirt would be absolutely perfect as it’s casual without being too relaxed. The tiny hints of wool in the blended fabric help to wrap in the warmth without overheating me while rushing around.

Paired with this shirt jumper I added some washed “Jamie” jeans by Topshop. Not only are they on sale for £25.00, but they can be worn anywhere and with anything. For those who have been following Anika May from the OOTD days, you’ll know dark jeans are my weakness. Between black, grey and charcoal, I think they can be tied to any outfit and compliment all colours.

Mini handbags are a trend that I’ve recently started following after seeing how great they look as accessories with both busy and basic looks. This mini “Pashli” satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim has been on my radar for a while and finally made it into one of my lists. I love the all-black look and how cute an compact the bag is. It’s perfect for throwing everything in and carrying on a shopping day out or to dinner with friends. I’ve carried oversized bags for a long time, so maybe it’s time to mix it up to enter the new year.

I don’t usually go for white shoes, but I think they suit this casual Saturday look perfectly. The Jil Sander leather sneakers are all-white and all-style. The super simple design pairs well with the rest of the items in the set and draws attention without taking too much away for the overall ensemble. All-white is often considered a dangerous choice in the fashion industry but never fails to look good.

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