My UK Bucket List

I may have my own blogging bucket list, and then a personal, ever-expanding bucket list, but I’ve also created a bucket list specifically linked to the United Kingdom. It’s the place I was born, the place I wake up to every day and a great place to explore. This list could also contain a few ideas for those overseas who plan of taking a trip across the pond.

Spend a month in London

London is one of my favourite cities in the country. It’s absolutely enormous, full of people and has a new and exciting scene every day. I’ve only been to London a few times, but each time I return home I have a huge buzz from being there, as you could tell in my A Northern Girl Down South post. There are so many different opportunities in the big city, and so many amazing events held there, I would love to spend an entire month experiencing it all. I think spending a month down south would also help me to decide whether or not I actually want to live there.

Appreciate the countryside

The above photo is one take from Baildon Moor, very close to my home. In fact, whenever I look outside my bedroom window, this is exactly the sight I see. When I first moved here, I thought the view was ‘nice’ but never really understood why adults would spend so long just looking out of the window. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that this view is one to always watch and one that I need to cherish the scene while I can. Not everyone can wake up to the sound of spring lambs in the morning or walk five minutes down the road for fresh farm eggs. The countryside is something I used to moan about non-stop, but the more time I spend actually appreciating what’s in front of me, the more I want to explore and capture it. 

Enjoy the summer

Summer has never been one of my favourite seasons, I even wrote an entire post on it. When I read that post now, despite the time of year, I wonder what on earth I was thinking. That post was written around this time last year and it’s so strange to think how my mindset has changed. With most of my teenage angst gone, at the horrible summer of 2014 over; I really want to enjoy the summer of 2016. Summer during 2015 was a busy one, I was working in my first full-time job and actually having to get up every day in August. This summer, although I will still be working hard at my desk and publishing posts regularly, I want to enjoy what I can. I have plenty planned for the upcoming season and can’t wait to tick it off my list.

Visit Scotland

Scotland has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The last time I visited I was 10 years old and only cared about bubblegum ice cream and S Club 7 so I never paid much attention to my surroundings. However, after months of reading and plenty of pinning, Scotland is the next place I would like to visit. Going abroad is fun and exciting, but I really want to experience what the UK has to offer. The great thing about Scotland is it’s rich history. There’s so much to learn and so many photos to take, planning a long trip to header further north will definitely be done this year. 

Take photos on the beach

Scarborough is my favourite beach in the UK. It’s in Yorkshire, is full of lovely people, and is the one places I’ve had fish and chips for every meal in one day. Now that Anika May features more OOTD posts, and has a large mix of content, I would love to be able to take some great shots on the beach. Whether it’s the lead image for a long, talkative post or the perfect location for my SS16 style, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the beach. Heading to a beach is also a great family day away from home, so venturing out a little further and visiting other beaches around the UK is certainly being added to my bucket list.

Visit a music festival

I live about 16 miles away from Leeds, the city where my job is based. The town I live in holds a music festival every year (Bingley Music Live) and I haven’t ever experienced the full weekend. For most, this would seem completely obscene – a nineteen year old girl who hasn’t camped and trotted through mud to see some of her favourite musical acts live. It hasn’t happened yet, which is exactly why it’s on this list. I know a few people who have been to Leeds or Reading and insist on me buying tickets for this year. Reviews are nothing from positive, so my aim is to visit as many music festivals as possible, not just the big ones. The atmosphere is amazing and it would be a weekend to remember. 

Taking a long road trip and camping in Cumbria

This wish is particularly specific because it’s something I have always wanted to do and now finally have the opportunity to do. Before turning 18, the only time I had been to Cumbria was with school on a camping trip that will always remain one of the worst outdoor experiences of my life. We slept outside in the rain, ate out-of-date food and couldn’t use the bathroom. It’s fair to say that has slightly damaged my opinion on camping, yet, I’m still determined to have the ultimate experience: driving from West Yorkshire to the Lake District, setting up tents, having camp fires and drinking plenty of cider. 

Visit Stonehenge

I don’t know a lot about this famous UK landmark but it’s always a place I’ve wanted to visit. For years, I’ve had this very picture stuck above my desk alongside photos of places I wish to travel to. Although I’m not knowledgeable in it’s history, one photo alone is full of beauty and looks like the perfect place to explore. Stonehenge attracts an incredible amount of visitors, including Obama, and I imagine it’s one of the most photogenic landmarks in the UK. To spend a day learning about the breath-taking place and all it’s back-story would be a great summer activity. 

Tour every museum

I absolutely love museums. It’s a fact not many know about me, but I would happily visit one alone, and take the time to look at every piece of art or artefact the place had to offer. There is one museum in Bradford I used to be obsessed with, the National Media Museum. It’s filled with fun facts about my favourite industry and is a free day out. The last time I visited London, I sadly didn’t have time to enter any museums but did get a great look at the outside of the National History Museum and would be thrilled to enjoy a full tour of the building. There are a large amount of museums, big and small spread all over the UK, so my plan is to visit as many as possible during this year.

Take time to appreciate parks

The park pictured above is actually a park in the village I grew up in. Lister Park was one of my favourite places on earth. During the autumn, my mum would take me there when I was younger to collect leaves in a shoe box and press flowers in books. Since those late-season walks, I’ve loved Lister Park and Cartwright Hall (the art gallery pictured). A fun fair visits around three times a year and during the summer the park is never empty. The gardens are still as lovely as ever and there enormous fields to picnic in during the day. Lister Park is huge and one of millions in the UK. There are little parks all over the place, it’s just time to appreciate them more. 

What would be on your UK bucket list?

Images from Tumblr & Wikipedia