NYC Bound: Fashion Essentials for Traveling

Unless you’re a seasoned expert, packing your bag for a trip can be frustrating, especially when it’s an extended stay. Traveling to a locale where you’ll need warm and bulky clothes, like New York City, can be tough. Fortunately, though, our packing tips will put you at ease with the essential fashion you need, for effortless jet-setting to your next destination.

When it comes to travelling, Elle offers excellent packing suggestions. In lieu of the article’s advice, we would suggest packing a few specific tops such as: a sweater dress, two long-sleeve tees, one oversized sweater, a going-out blouse, and a couple of camisoles or T-shirts that could double as sleepwear. These should roll up nicely and can be tucked in the awkward crevices of your suitcase to fill as much space as possible. Wear one of these items on the plane, like the oversized sweater that will keep you cosy and free up some room.

Stick with one or two solid pairs of jeans, a couple of pairs of warm leggings, trousers or a skirt, and one pair of pajama bottoms, or a third set of leggings in which to sleep. Be sure to use the rolling method if you’re trying to fit these into a carry-on and definitely wear one set of the denim on the flight to free up some much-needed space in your bag. Dark wash jeans look great with everything and can easily be dressed up or down, which is why we would suggest a pair like those pictured above.

If you’re traveling during a New York winter, then a warm coat is a must-have. Most airlines will allow you to travel with outerwear without the need to pack it in your carry-on luggage. We would suggest one blazer and one coat—pack the blazer (or wear it) and throw the coat over your arm—it can double as a blanket on the plane. The gorgeous red premium faux-fur collar coat from Asos pictured above will add a pop of color if you’re packing neutrals and can be dressed up or dressed down during your stay in NYC.

One fashion blogger interviewed by Vogue believes that a simple pair of earrings is an excellent travel essential that can complete even the most casual outfit and always brings a set along with her. Aside from the jewelry suggestion, we would also recommend a scarf, pair of gloves, a hat, wristwatch, and your favourite sunglasses. Socks and undies are always part of the accessory essentials team, but with the clothes-rolling method, there should be plenty of space for these items.

Shoes are easily the toughest item to pack, aside from that tiny ration of allowable toiletries, which is why we would suggest wearing your bulkiest pair on the flight. For a trip to the Big Apple, we recommend toting three types that can be located on Lyst: knee-high boots, sneakers or flats, and dress shoes. Wear the boots on the plane, and tuck your trainers and heels around the perimeter of your carry-on suitcase.

Thanks to a few great tips and some stylish suggestions, this post should have you well on your way to New York City without the dreaded conundrum of not knowing what to pack. We hope you’ve enjoyed our post and wish you safe and happy travels ahead!

This post is in collaboration with Ashley Thompson