8 Reasons I Love The Gym

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Since late last year, I have started attending my local gym around three times a week and I absolutely love it. At first, I thought it was something I would never do, but now I spend most of my time telling people about how much I love the gym and why.

#1 Judge-free zone

Before signing up to the gym, I always figured going was going to be really uncomfortable, people were going to stare at me and judge me for not being stick thin. I used to always say, “When I’m skinny, then I’ll go to the gym.” But that’s completely the wrong attitude to have. Since attending my local gym, I’ve found that it’s a total judge-free zone. The people that are there, are there to either help or get on with their work out. There are no sly remarks, judgemental looks or uncomfortable rooms. The floating ideas of being judged or assessed were nothing but anxiety – my imagination is absolutely nothing like reality. My gym has sections for women only, which is also useful; but I still find that the mixed area are perfectly fine.


#2 Great music

Some of my favourite tracks are ones I’ve discovered while in the gym. Songs I would previously consider “noise” are now some of the most played tunes in my playlist. The gym I attend plays some great motivational music, that has a beat you can run to and use really well for interval training. Often, it’s regular chart music that’s remixed for a faster beat, other times there are old-school jams that mix it up. The mood and general atmosphere is always affected by music, so the better the music, the better the gym. On days where I bring my own music, my Bluetooth headphones are perfect for staying in the zone and avoiding distractions.


#3 WiFi

Although I should really be concentrating on achieve my goal weight and size, when there’s free WiFi in the gym, I can’t help but sneak onto Twitter or even YouTube and catch up on the day. I will reply to emails, watch my subscriptions and play games while I’m there, which is a method I often use when I’m too tired and really don’t want to be working out. When using the machines I secretly detest but know are really good for me, I will put on a long YouTube video (or Captain America if I have the battery life) and distract myself from working hard. After about half an hour, I’ve burned the right amount of calories without noticing.

why I love going to the gym, nike gym bag and gym shoes, health and fitness flatlay, nike 2015 running shoes, black nike workout clothes, gym fashion

#4 Weight loss

One of the number one reasons I decided to join the gym was to lose weight. As I don’t have a personal trainer or set plan, I can do which exercises I want and enjoy the time I have, moving at my own pace. During the first few weeks, I didn’t see many results, but as I’ve done more research and learned how to make the most out of a work out, I can see my body shape slowly changing. There’s no chance of me become a super healthy freak soon, but the more I see change, the more I like going to the gym.


#5 Motivation

Whenever I finish a session at the gym, I feel really motivated. Not only am I ready to eat healthier and work out more, but I also feel motivated to blog and increase my work ethic. I’m currently trying to start a perfect career as I’m not ready to blog full-time. When there are so little jobs in my area, it can be quite difficult to stay positive, but going to the gym really boosts my mood. I can return home very tired, but that doesn’t stop me from job hunting or coming up with new blog posts.


#6 More to learn

Every time I work out, I learn something new. It could be a new recipe, how to use a machine or the best way to burn calories in thirty minutes. I’m a little geeky in the way I love to learn new things, so going to the gym means I receive the opportunity to gain knowledge in things I would never normally understand. I know which exercises best suit me, and how to focus a specific work out to a certain area. Similarly, I know how to properly use a treadmill and follow the pre-set programmes which help to keep me going.

why I love going to the gym, nike gym bag and gym shoes, health and fitness flatlay, nike 2015 running shoes, black nike workout clothes, gym fashion

#7 New friends

As an embarrassingly shy person, my confidence isn’t very high and I find it rather difficult to come out of my shell. However, since going to the gym, I’ve noticed my “I don’t care” attitude coming back more and more each day. The opinions of others should never affect your self-esteem and going to the gym often reminds me of this. Hard work and a good heart are way more important that a back-handed compliment. Making new friends at the gym boosts my confidence and mood each time I visit. The friendly atmosphere also enhances the all-round ambiance of the gym.


#8 Improved health

I’ve has asthma since birth and always have check-ups to ensure it’s under control. One of the reasons my asthma was previously so bad was poor health. I spend all day sat down, typing and talking. I then come hope to type and probably talk a little more. With the lack of movement, my metabolism slows down and I have a lot less energy, resulting in a real struggle when I do have to move quickly. Since going to the gym and being motivated to eat cleaner, my health has improved so much more, as well as the amount of sleep I get and my general mind-set. I don’t get tired after running for long periods of time, and I can take lovely long walks without struggling for breath.