Fantastic Faux

I happen to be one of those people that are always freezing cold. No matter what I wear, if I spend a certain amount of time outside, I’ll get cold. A fresh spring breeze is hitting Yorkshire, and I think I’ve found the perfect coat to shield me from the cold.

TK Maxx has become one of my favourite shops for discovering magical fashion gems. Occasionally, I’ll spot something in-store one day, and it will be gone the next. It’s like a treasure chest, and you have to really dig to find the perfect item. There are some items that are produced by the store, but I’ve found that each branch is different and it takes real dedication and determination to go through everything. I came across this coat, by accident, when shopping for some gym gear. It immediately drew my attention, and I thought the colour was perfect for my wardrobe. After finding the size is a perfect fit, I couldn’t resist. There’s always one item in my wardrobe I over-wear… this coat is that item.

It’s so warm and cosy, I couldn’t ask for anything comfier. The official brand is Urbancode London, and although I couldn’t find the coat on their website, they do have a great line of outwear on their site (linked at the end of this post). The fur is faux, but the jacket is dry clean only because of the amazing quality. Another item I can’t help but wear everywhere are my over-the-knee boots from Next. I love the small heel as they elongate my legs, and the suede texture goes well with denim, blending the whole outfit together. My rings are also from Next, a little prezzie I picked up at their blogger event in November.