It’s Still Wellie Season

So technically, it’s spring. Honestly, there’s been very little snow and I’m quite disappointed as 2015/2016 was expected to have one of the worst winters ever. Actually, there’s only been two days of traffic-stopping snow in West Yorkshire, and the enormous floods did way more damage than the snow has. Either way, I’m still saying it’s wellie season.

I absolutely love wearing Wellington boots, they’re structured, strong and easy-to-clean. However, I do often find that they make my feet really cold, and the cheaper ones always end up with a hole in. Now that I’m no longer spending my days sledging in the local park or making snowmen all day, I can finally invest in a pair of wellies that are comfy and won’t fall apart. The best thing about wellies, is that you can keep them for years on end, and if looked after properly, you may never have to buy another pair. A feature I don’t like, is that Wellington boots can be too structured and just end up hurting my feet.

Hunter Wellington boots are immensely popular in the UK, They’re the go-to boot for celebrities and festival-goers, I saw countless pairs at Glastonbury Fest and decided I should probably look into why everyone’s so obsessed with these boots! As mentioned earlier, I’m 19 so I don’t run out to play in the snow, and in Eldwick the snow is never painfully deep. I chose the short Chelsea boots because I can wear them with or without snow. I’m a bit of a Chelsea boot collector, so when I saw this pair at Next, I couldn’t say no.

After wearing them for a while, I realised how comfortable they actually are! My first impressions were that the strong and tough material was going to result in lots of socks and uncomfortable walks. However, I can wear these ankle boots with tights and still feel great. It’s common for my feet to freeze after 10 minutes in the cold, but these Wellington boots are insulating and warm, despite actually feeling cold on the outside. I chose black because it’s one of my favourite colours to wear,  I love the matte-like look, but also means I can wear these boots with a casual outfit.

Today’s outfit consists of almost totally black, with the exception of my favourite new M&S beanie and New Look keychain. This strange spring-ish, winter-like weather is a great for my puffy bomber jacket, bought early last year. It’s so unbelievably light but always keeps me warm. It also has a hood hidden in the collar for those emergency rain scenarios.