Let’s Run

If you’ve followed Anika May or my Twitter for a while, you’ll know I have recently started working out more and more over the past months. It all begin during the end of 2015 when I really wanted to shape and tone up, rather than just diet and try to drop weight. Picturing myself as a workout-oholic six months ago is laughable, and it still seems hard to believe now. I’m certainly not a pro-runner type, I enjoy it, but I also enjoy spending three hours straight on Tumblr.

The best thing about creating a workout routine every week is being able to buy new sportswear. I have Pinterest boards dedicated workout ideas and wardrobes. Shopping for these clothes isn’t always debit-card friendly, but Matalan, which has become a favourite of mine, does a great line of active wear that’s affordable and of a high quality. For example, my shirt is from their summer range last year and is still in a great condition. I like that it’s a t-shirt, with netted sleeves to prevent me overheating when I exercise. It’s rare I’ll bring a hoodie with me, but this cotton zip-up is perfectly light enough to tie around my waist.

I’m also super obsessed with these running leggings from M&S. I usually resort to the three-quarter cycling leggings but I often find that the fabric gathers behind my knees and can sometimes be irritating for long periods of time. Longer leggings have become a new favourite, and the fabric on this pair from M&S are so soft! They feel almost as soft as fresh dressing gowns and they’re so cosy to lounge around in (even thought that’s 100% what they’re not supposed to be used for). I plan on buying a few more pairs, hopefully from more brands too!

My favourite place to run, or walk, has to be Baildon Moor. During this time of year, it’s windy and chilly but the crisp air makes the view seem even more amazing. The sun on a cool day is fine, as it brings blue skies and plenty of photo-ops. As mentioned in My Workout Essentials post, I have fallen arches so some shoes can be painful. My condition isn’t severe or anything, but the wrong shoes can be damaging. My Nike Flex Runs are really comfortable to wear and ideal for running. I have paired them with this outfit because they are dark and blend in well. However, I only wear these shoes during the day, as they don’t appear well during the night and I prefer to be as visible as possible.