My Top 5 Reality Shows

I have a guilty pleasure. It’s low-brow and I’m not proud of
it, but I love cheesy reality shows. The cheesier the better. They’re good,
cheap entertainment and a good distraction on a lazy day at home. Whenever I’m
unwell, my instinct is to download as many shows as possible to binge-watch
throughout the day. The list could be endless, and some shows such as House of
DVF, Geordie Shore, Vanderpump Rules and Eric & Jessie: Game On are also
some favourites but didn’t quite make the cut. Over the past few months, I’ve
found more and more shows to get into, and realised I enjoy them so much, I
would share my top five on Anika May.

#1 The Real Housewives

I watch basically all of them whenever they’re on, but I
watch Beverly Hills, Atlanta and Cheshire the most. The shows are entertaining,
mainly because they have cast members that you love, and cast members you love
to hate. In the Beverly Hills series, the glitz and glamour is fun to watch.
The Atlanta series has some hilarious cast members and episodes that are
quote-worthy from start to finish. Although there are some women I like more
than others, I still think the show is hysterical. The Real Housewives of
Cheshire is the newest series I’ve started to watch but I enjoy it as much as
the others, with cast-mates that create plenty of slightly-scripted drama.



The Only Way is Essex has been popular for a while, and
there are handfuls of girls who used to always recommend the show while in
school. However, the unrealistic drama never really caught my eye, until I ‘accidentally’
watched an episode that was on in the background. By the end-credits, I was
gripped and wanted to know what was going to happen next. Unlike a lot of
reality shows, TOWIE is filmed one week and then shown the next, rather than
premiering events that had happened months earlier. The cast members all seem
realistic, although some of the storylines are questionable. Overall, it’s a
good show to binge-watch on a rainy day.

#3 Don’t Be Tardy

I first came across Kim Zolciak-Biermann when watching an
old episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last year. I didn’t warm to her
too much at first, but did think she has a few funny comebacks and was worth
the watch. After catching a Don’t Be Tardy trailer on ITVBe, it was immediately
added to my list of shows to follow up on. Although I haven’t seen much of the
first two seasons, the third is quite entertaining and chaotic to say the
least. There’s not so much drama to get involved in, it’s more just me being
very nosey and loving a bit of trash TV.


#4 The Bachelor / The Bachelorette

There are quite a few American celebrities that I follow on
Twitter and I usually spot their tweets on this ABC series and knew I had to
find it somewhere on UK TV. I actually find the set-up for the show quite
strange, and know I would never find myself in that kind of position; but it is
interesting to watch. This series is much better with a good group of friends,
as everyone can make their predictions regarding the candidates and the
chemistry, as well as laugh at the pure cheesiness of the show. From the rose
ceremony to the group dates, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can create an
entertaining evening.


#5 Next Top Model Series

I have loved America’s Next Top Model and Britain’s Next Top
Model since I was a young girl. I remember even seeing Abbey Clancy on the UK
edition and being a distraught 10-year-old after finding out my favourite didn’t
win. Abbey now hosts Britain’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks has always been
one of my favourite models and personalities too, presenting the American
edition of the show. The series is a great glimpse into the fashion industry, and
like House of DVF, provides a selection of do’s and do-not’s for the incredibly
competitive business.

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