Six Ways to Make Your Lunch Break More Exciting

Lunch could easily be described as the best part of a working day. There’s no stress and there’s food – what else do you need? However, a lunch break can be boring if there isn’t much to do. I’ve read articles on making the most of the lunch time we have, or managing motivation levels to be most productive during lunch – but none of them really made much sense to me. There’s a certain mental attitude that will make lunch better, but there are also physical tasks that can be done to create an entertaining environment. I see my lunch as a break away from my job, so the last thing I want to be doing is… my job. There are only so many to-do lists that can be written and windows to stare out of. For some, a lunch break can drag on for way too long; but I have several methods of making that magical hour a lot more exciting.

Read a Book

I absolutely love to read, it expands my vocabulary and is literally like having a movie play in your mind. I read books on my commute to work but it’s only 15 minutes so I usually have to close a chapter just where it’s getting good. When I reach my lunch hour, I can’t wait to pull out my iPad and get stuck in again. If you find a book you’re really into, it’s very difficult to notice the time passing by.

Get Crafty

In my lunch room, there are often people knitted or even sketching. I’m not the most crafty person myself, but my office has de-stress colouring books in the breakout area, and they’re actually a load of fun. I can’t draw to save my life, honestly, it’s just shocking – but doodling in a notebook or creating a masterpiece is a great method of letting the time pass by.


I find it very difficult to fall asleep in a public place, I have never understood how people sleep on a bus. In my office, I have also spotted a few employees taking a quick power nap after they’ve eaten to catch up on lost sleep. I’m no stranger to naps, and I know whenever I have one, I feel fantastic afterwards.

Refine a Skill

Writing on my lunch break is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it’s a formal post for a website or a friendly and less formal piece like my blogposts, I love to improve my techniques and read up on how to get better. When at work, I’m already focused on the tasks I have throughout the day so I don’t find it difficult to type up a few blog posts.

Download media

If you follow my blog or know me well, it will become fairly obviously that I have a small but steady addition to Netflix or getting stuck in a good series. I prefer to rent films for work which means no worrying about data flickering on and off or 4G disappearing. If I’m really into a show or film, I never notice the hour passing by and have a really enjoyable lunch.

Bring Headphones

All of my blogposts are written with music playing in the background, sometimes that even effects the way my posts come across. For example, listening to Beyoncé seems to make me a lot more sassy and direct, but jamming to a Passion Pit playlist helps me to appear more carefree. Even when not writing, I like to listen to music because in my opinion: silence gets boring. Scrolling through social media and watching funny videos would be no fun without headphones either.