The Blanket Cape

I always feel like such a mum when I wear these capes, but I still love them so much. When it’s chilly outside but I don’t feel like wearing a huge winter coat, this is the perfect alternative. Sometimes, if it is too cold, I’ve even use this cape as a layer! As walking around in public with a teddy-bear themed blanket may gain a few looks, so this cape is my go-to piece. The patchwork detail is so unique, and although “Steve Madden” is printed on the inside label I cannot find this cape anywhere! It seems as if this piece is just one of those TK Maxx gems that appears out of nowhere and is gone before you can blink. Still, I’m lucky I was able to find the wrap and it’s so ridiculously comfortable, I wear it almost everywhere.


Along with my cape, I’m carrying a Fiorelli bag (bought through TK Maxx) which is light and goes with everything I own. It’s the perfect little purse to throw everything in without everything getting lost. The bag is filled with compartments and made of a strong, high quality faux leather which gives it the endurance value every handbag needs. With this cape, I normally chose to wear leggings because jeans can be too heavy, and softer cotton fabric will keep me warmer. My full-length leggings from Next are ideal because I never have to worry about them being so thin they become transparent; and there’s nothing worse than leggings that don’t fit right, or are barely-there.



My boots are my favourite winter piece, bought from Next last summer. Every year, I always try and invest in one good item of clothing that I know I’ll be able to keep for years on end. This year, my leather boots are that investment. They fit me perfectly and, like my cape, can be worn for both formal and casual outfits. Although my wardrobe goals aren’t to stick to dark colours, sometimes I just can’t help it. When it’s cold out, my instinct is to dress dark and I think in this case, it’s working pretty well. Keeping warm is one of my biggest essentials because I’m always cold, so layering is a valuable technique and I can wear plenty under the cape as well as over it. When the wind picks up, I can also wrap it around me to stay extra warm.