10 Perks of Being a Tall Girl

Growing up tall was something I always saw as a challenge.
It can be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t like the
spotlight. I used to always wish I was short, just because that seemed to be
the idea size for a girl and there were never any articles or websites on positive tips for tall
women. Unless you’re a model or celebrity, being tall isn’t the easiest thing
in the world. Over time, I’ve come to realise being tall isn’t a bad thing and
actually has its perks. Being a tall girl doesn’t mean you aren’t feminine or
girly; it’s just another body type. So today’s post
is pointing out some of the perks I’ve found, being a tall girl. I’m 5’11”
which is what I would consider tall in comparison to my friends and colleagues.


Disclaimer: This post is in no way bashing or hating on
anyone who is shorter than me or considers themselves short. It’s just a way to
build up those who are tall and should be proud and never ashamed. It’s a post
not to be taken too seriously, and purely for entertainment. Trust me, I didn’t
do any scientific research. I’m not boasting at all, and am more than aware
that being tall does have disadvantages like all body types.


#01 Long Legs

I would consider having long legs the most important perk of
all.  Being tall usually comes with
pretty longs legs. Some girls have longer bodies, but their legs are still
longer than average. For me, my inside leg length is 36”, which is apparently
very long. Having long legs is great for an overall image, it helps you to
appear slimmer and taller than you actually are. Although, shaving can be really annoying.


#02 Being taken seriously from a young age

Being a tall girl means you were a tall child. I remember at
around eleven years old and up, I was always mistaken for shop assistants and
store staff. This would happen to me while still being in primary school. But
it’s definitely a perk. Adults automatically assume you’re older which helps
you to feel more mature. It also means you don’t get refused from


#03 Easily noticeable

It’s hard to ignore a tall person. No matter how hard you
try, someone who is taller will always stand out and it’s not always a bad
thing. I used to try and hide myself among the crowd, but now I stand tall
meaning others have to look up to me. Getting a lot of attention used to be my worst
nightmare, but if it’s for my height – I’m happy to take it.


#04 Tall compliments

Not that being described with adjectives such as “statuesque”
and “model-esque” happen every day, but when they do, your day is made. “You
should totally model” was said to me once and I kid you not, my mood was lifted
for about three years. Of course, strangers don’t approach in the street and
tell me I look good, but even hearing it from peers is a good feeling.


#06 Being able to reach things

Reaching something a little further away? There’s no struggle
there. Getting things from the top shelf? Never a problem. A tall body is built
with long limbs which means less time asking someone to get something for you.
But it’s not just objects that are easy to reach, kissing doesn’t result in the
pointe pose and he gets less trips to the chiropractor.


#07 Intimidating others without being intimidating

Naturally, humans are intimidated by bigger humans. I’ve
always been a ridiculously shy person, and would never approach someone on my
own. When you’re lacking in confidence and tall, it’s good to remember than
people can assume you’re confidence because
you’re tall
. It’s a strange thing to comprehend, but friends have told me
that from their first impression, they thought I was super-confident; when in
fact I’m really not.


#08 Sports advantage

Sometimes when you’re tall, all you have to do is show up
and you’re moderately good at a sport. Netball was always my sport. I played
others, but there are some practises that require skill and co-ordination that
I was built without. Netball including a lot of jumping, reaching and
intercepting. Techniques that are easier with a few extra inches. Plus,
shooting was always easier as I’m closer to the net.


#09 Great hugs

I’ve always found that people who are taller than me give
great hugs. Boy or girl, when someone larger than you gives you a good squeeze,
it’s comforting and mood-lifting. I’ve never assessed my own hugging skills,
but I would never reject a solid hug from someone who towers above.


#10 Heels or no heels

Before the age of sixteen, I never wore heels. Being so tall
results in attention on me and that was something I could never handle. Well, how
things have changed – I can’t resist an amazing pair. Not only do they make my
legs look even longer, but they slim down my overall image and that’s something
I could never turn down. However, I don’t have to wear heels if I don’t want to
and can still appear taller than most people.